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 April 23, 2008    Well......2009 is just around the corner and everyone's probably wondering what the updates are for Vegas? There's 11 months to plan another huge event. There's a company in mind that extended a group rate as long as we have x amount of people. A lot could change in a month to a year, so please let us know if you have other suggestions besides Vegas.

On another note.....what's new? Birthdays? New Marriages, babies, engagements, other milestones, promotions, and pictures, please share!

We'll need a lot of help on fundraising again to make this happen!

Any questions, please email us. Our updated email address changed to

July 2, 2005 
From start to finish, it's finally done!! Thank you everyone for your help in making this reunion one that we'll never forget! Hope you all had a blast!
So far, I've posted up the Ocean Night pictures that were submited from various classmates. Thank you everyone or emailing them to me, keep it coming! :)
Club  Night was a riot! Everyone had fun and I can't wait to see everyone again! The whole weekend was filled with activities for both Classmates, keikis and the little kid in all of us.
(newsletter not done) To be continued soon.
Happy Birthday List!!!
(List of those who had emailed their bday info!)
Monique (Manuwa) Vankuren - Jan.30
Clayton Chincio - Feb.9
Janel (Benoza) Tabion - Feb.27
Stephanie Espiritu - Mar.30
Lani Pascual - May 5
Sage Southcott - May 7
Paris Tabaranza - May 8
Franalyn Santos - May 14
Marji (Vilar) Reyes - May
Tanya Diaz - June 6
Brandy Arneho - June 9
Jason Castillo - July 13
Jasmine (Olivera) Yockman - Aug.9
Mary Miller - Nov.11
Isaac Halmos - Dec.24
Jayneen Andrade - Dec.24
Robby Nabalatan - June 24

Engagement Announcements
will update soon
Marriage Announcements!
Will be updated shortly
Birth Announcements!
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