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Class of 1994
Saturday, July 2, 2005
Thank you everyone for coming and making our
first reunion a GREAT one!
Ocean's Club night
Friday, June 24th.....
Everyone got there early and it was nice to see old familiar faces from the past! It was a site to see! I could hear nothing but laughter, "oh my gosh is that you...?", and "how have you been?".... as the night went by, everyone got a lil tipsy! And the fun became wild fun! lol.
Cameras were going off!
Send some pictures to me okay!!
Thank you everyone who filled out the Hoss Election forms! The winners are listed below!
In the end, it was a great turn out!
Any stories you'd like to share?
Email it and I'll post it!
Or write it on the blog section!
Congrats to our prize winners at Ocean's!
Cathy Cadiz - $10 starbucks Card
Corina Delima - Toaster Oven
Jackie Gallios - Slow Cooker
Romar Lagamo - Digital Cordless Phone
Robin Lagmay - $10 Jamba Juice Card
John Tagura - $10 Jamba Juice Card
Lourdes Tupper - Blue portable radio
Romell - 45 minute massage
Oliver Neri - 45 minute massage
(Oliver was so drunk, he thought he won the rice cooker too lol)
Saturday, June 25th
Potluck picnic/Sports day
at Ahsing Park!
Much mahalo to James Curran for the Inflatable jumpy and for arranging that event! I heard everyone had fun,
especially the little people, keikis! I have a few pictures that I'll be posting on the album as well!  Thank you to
everyone who came that day!!
Hope you had fun!
Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park
Sunday, June 26th
Mahalo to everyone who came!
Hope you had as much fun as we did!
Thank you to those who were patient
at the admission booth as the last
minute additions were handled differently.
The keikis had a blast! I saw everyone having fun on the slides, relaxing in the Water Cooler, some having more drinks at the bar, others trying to conquer the new Million Dollar Wave.  Prize Giveaways took place during
our lunch hour!
Congrats to our prize winners! Enjoy!
Marji Reyes - $10 Jamba Juice Card
Vanessa Finch - $10 Starbucks Card
Lailani Pascua - $50 PacSun Card
Paris Tabaranza - $25 Chili's Card
Danny Selga - $25 Macy's Card
Franalyn Santos - $25 Macy's Card
Redolyn Peralta - Moive tickets
Isaac Halmos - CD portable radio
Laurel Nihoa - $50 Outback card
Hoss Election
(Much mahalo to Zenaida for your help on this and mahalo everyone for filling out our ballots)
Mr. & Ms. Aloha Spirit
Isaac "Bo" Halmos & Shandell Retialo
Mr. & Ms. Most Physically Changed
Brian Fuentes & Jayneen Andrade
Mr. & Ms. Comedian
Isaac Halmos & Shandell Retialo
Mr. & Ms. "I can't let go of Campbell"
Robin Lagmay & Chameka Curran
Mr. & Ms. Donald Trump
Garret Acidera & Jamie Peterson
Mr. & Ms. Supermodel
Alan Alejandro & Franalyn Santos
Mr. & Ms. Einstein
Einar Dionso & Leigh Salacup
Mr. & Ms. "Life of the Party
Jesse Ubando & Jamie Centeio
Mr. & Ms. Best Comeback
Einar Dionso & Chasity Kaanehe
Mr. & Ms. High School Sweethearts
Percy Yacas  Sheryl Sandoval
Mr. & Ms. Class of 1994
L.Ray Borges-Meyers & Paris Tabaranza

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